Mommy & Me Doll Stroller

Mommy & Me Doll Stroller

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Your daughter will love with her doll. Your daughter will bring her Mommy & Me Doll Stroller to all places that she wants. She will bring to the garden, and to other places. When you bring your daughter to the mall, usually your daughter will want to bring her doll too. Your daughter will be able to bring her doll to all places when she has stroller. That is why you better buy Mommy & Me Doll Stroller and then make your daughter feels so happy to bring her doll to all places. There are some reasons why so many of people must buy this stroller. It is good for you to check the features of this stroller before you buy this stroller.

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Mommy & Me Doll Stroller: Product Description

Mommy & Me Doll Stroller

Mommy & Me Doll Stroller

Mommy & Me Doll Stroller 9318 is the best stroller for your princess and her little princess too. This stroller is sold in hot pink that will make your daughter really wants to have this stroller. This stroller is completed with seat belt to protect her little princess, basket in the bottom that helps your daughter to store all her little princess needs and also completed with hood. This stroller is made from high quality materials so this stroller will be durable for long time.

Mommy & Me Doll Stroller: Product Description (Continued)

Mommy & me doll stroller will be made with double wheels on all of 4 legs that will keep this stroller stable. Your daughter will be easy to bring her little princess to all places because it is easy to fold and store. This stroller is fit for 16 inches doll. Mother should not feel bad because the safety of this stroller has been tested by USA safety regulation.

Mommy & Me Doll Stroller: Specification

The product dimensions of mommy & me doll stroller are 20.5 x 10 x 20.5 inches. The weight of this stroller is 1.5 pounds. It is great choice for your princes. When people order this stroller via online, you must pay for 2.2 pounds of shipping weight. The ASIN number of this product is B007UFW13M. This product is recommended for 12 months and up. This stroller has various features that will help your daughter to use this stroller in very easy way. The price of this stroller is $19.9 only.

Mommy & Me Doll Stroller: Customer Reviews

There are so many people who write reviews about this product. Most people say that mommy & me doll stroller is very cute and realistic stroller for all girls. Some other people say that their daughter loves this stroller because it is very easy to move. This stroller is sturdy enough for all children. When you want to know more customer reviews about this product, you can read at You can order this stroller in the same place too. Read more reviews..

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