Baby Trend Tag-ALong LT Sit & Stand Kids Double Stroller – Mojito | SS71428: Another Mum’s Hand for all Children

Baby Trend Tag-ALong LT Sit & Stand Kids Double Stroller – Mojito | SS71428: Another Mum’s Hand for all Children

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Making your children stay inside the house for all the time can drive them crazy. The problem is, sometimes bringing more than one child is not easy. They don’t have enough power to take a walk in a long period time, so there is a possibility that one of the kids will say “Mum, I’m tired. Lift me up! Fortunately, now we and our children can enjoy going anywhere because of baby trend tag-along which called Baby Trend Tag-A-Long LT Sit & Stand Kids Double Stroller. Do you want to know what the great thing from this? Let’s check it out.

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What’s Cool Benefits from This Baby Trend Tag-Along

Baby Trend Expedition LX Jogger Stroller

Baby Trend Expedition LX Jogger Stroller

If you hate bring heavy baby stroller, this item is suitable for you. It is not heavy since the frame material is made from plastic. No rust and no toxic of course.  This baby trend tag-along comes with two types of stroller, one for sitting baby and another for standing baby. This is what makes it so useful for you because you can supervise two children all at once. If one of them tired of walking, they can ride the stroller. Even though it is made from plastic, but its steel construction is strong enough to hold two children altogether with their items such as toys, snacks or drinks, but wait where it is put? Behind the baby trend tag-along you will find basket storage there.

Safety Consideration of Baby Trend Tag-Along

After talking about technical specs, now we step into the safety of baby trend tag-along.To make sure kids’ safety are accommodated, it provides 3 point safety harness with foot operated brake for the parent. If your baby doesn’t want to sit a half of lying, the jump seat will calm your baby. The front seat has two reclining positions that you can adjust. The front seat is suitable for max 40 pound and jump seat is suitable for two and a half year child.

Baby Trend Tag-Along Specification

You can bring this baby trend tag-along on the go since this 23 pound baby stroller is not so heavy to be brought inside the car. The steel and plastic material will provide the sturdiness in strength. Don’t be afraid of making your baby feel hot under the sun since its canopy will protect the baby for you.

Buyer’s Comment for Baby Trend Tag-Along

Generally, people, parents exactly, give huge welcome to this baby trend tag-alongbecause mostly they say that this item is easy to be assembled for the first time. Through, you can see how they love this baby trend tag-along. It can step into whatever your flooring type , including carpet flooring. Read more reviews..

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